New research shows brain connectivity begins in utero

The more modern medicine teaches us about the unborn child, the more proof we have that the phrase "Pro-Choice" is just another word for "MURDERER"
by Andrew Bair
February 22, 2013, (National Right to Life News) -Scientific investigation has proven to be a persuasive pro-life tool by shedding light on the humanity of the unborn child. Science has shown a baby’s tiny heart begins to beat by 21 days after conception and that by 20 weeks fetal age a baby is capable of feeling pain.
Now researchers  at Wayne State University and the Perinatology Research Branch of National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Detroit have shown brain connectivity in unborn children.
It's the sequel to fertilisation: the brains of unborn babies have now been imaged in action, showing how connections form.
This fMRI movie, produced by Moriah Thomason from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, shows a fly-through of several fetuses in their third trimester. By comparing the scans at slightly different stages of development, Thomason was able to pinpoint when different parts of the brain wire up. "The connection strength increases with fetal age," writes Thomason.

By identifying how brain connectivity normally develops, the scans could help diagnose and treat conditions like schizophrenia and autism before birth.

Thomason, told the Detroit News, “We never, ever have been able to peer into the fetal brain and look at the development of functional networks. Scientific researchers will take this new method and apply it to a great number of questions, and that will help us all.”
The research, funded partly by the NIH and Wayne State, included 25 unborn babies between 24 to 38 weeks of gestation. They found that  using functional MRI–a process that measures oxygen and blood flow in the brain—“snapshots during pregnancy can visually show brain connection networks in the fetus and their development,” according to Mary Posani, writing for Medill Reports.

For years, brain waves have been detectable in unborn child by 6 weeks after conception. The new study takes a deeper look into the early development of the brain and could pave the way for treating brain disorders.

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