Same Sex Couple relationships Are Detrimental To A Childs Future

Throughout last years election cycle, American voters were bombarded with leftist talking points that were designed to get the voters in various states to either legalize same sex marriage, or stop the defense of marriage laws from being approved. The MSM did it's best to sway the vote in favor of the homosexual movement while attacking anyone who defended the status quot as being homophobic and against the Civil Rights of same sex partners.

If reporters in the MSM only wanted to report the news, regardless of how it made a certain group look, then they would have given as much air time to a study who's results are not good for same sex partners as they do to studies that have positive results for same sex partners. The study (pdf file below) I refer to is one that was released in July 2012 by Social Science Research, "How different are the adult children of parents who have same-sex relationships?" While some in the MSM reported about the study, I challenge you to ask anyone if they even heard of the study. Chances are you will not, because the MSM could not chance losing the momentum they built in favor of gay marriage.

The study concluded that 50% of children from an The study concluded that 50% of children from an intact biological family were employed full-time, compared to just 26% of children same sex couples. Along with other findings, Associate Professor Mark Regnerus's study clearly reveals that children who spend their entire childhood with their married mother and father, are most likely to succeed well as adults. This is true on multiple counts and across a variety of domains

I seriously doubt that the defenders of same sex marriage will ever admit they are wrong about the effects that homosexuality has on children. They will inevitably claim that we do not have enough information to on the subject because there has not been enough time to get a proper conclusion. However, an article by Ana Samuel points out that same-sex marriage is NOT providing the stability that children need to have in order to properly compete as adults with those who were raised by heterosexual parents.

Even in countries that have allowed same-sex marriages for more than ten years, it has been shown in studies that households of same-sex partners are more unstable than households with heterosexual partners. A 2012 study of same-sex couples in Great Britain finds that gay and lesbian cohabiting couples are more likely to separate than heterosexual couples. Then there is the 2006 study which concluded that same sex marriages in Norway and Sweden had "divorce risk levels that are considerably higher in than heterosexual marriages did". The study also concluded that Swedish lesbian couples were more than three times as likely to divorce as heterosexual couples, while male gay couples in Sweden were 1.35 times more likely to divorce.

An obvious goal of raising children is to prepare them for adulthood, and instability within a marriage contributes greatly to a child's inability to lead a normal productive life as an adult. Two of the most outspoken advocates for same-sex marriage in the United states, Timothy Biblarz and Judith Stacey, acknowledged in their study on the effects of a parents gender on children that lesbian couple relationships are "less durable" than heterosexual relationships. They even suggest that a double dose of maternal investment can foster jealousy and competition between the comothers. As it turns out the asymmetry of the women's genetic, reproductive, and breast-feeding ties to heir infants can actually exacerbate the problems between two women raising children. This problem ultimately leads to a higher rate of separation than is seen in heterosexual relationships.

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